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Visual contribution to magazines and books + interviews

Kunst Kabinet Berlin - Neroblio

Neroblio 2 - neroblio2_web.pdf (4.4Mo) lien/link lien/link
Paola Verde lien/link

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format A5, édité par Kunst Kabinet Berlin - Neroblio

MENSUEL 25/Belgium/- Poetry magazine / collages

ND Nº13/USA/ - interview about "MºRIQUET" with Dan Plunkett.

"Songs of the New Eros"- Video/new music/collages:"Les archives calcinées" lien/link

RRREPORT/USA/-visual contribution to a magazine for RRRECORDS - collages - lien/link

BLOCKAUS Nº3/France/ -Poetry Magazine-collages- lien/link

BONESAW Nº1/USA/ -graphic book -collages and poetry-with John Bergin and James O’Barr. lien/link

ART?ALTERNATIVE Nº2/USA/-Alternative magazine/underground art/collages+dolls+Masks.

BROMIA/GREECE/ -Alternaive magazine /new music and underground art/collages-

LONG NEWS IN A SHORT CENTURY/USA/-poetry magazine -several issues with collages

INTIMACY/England/-Poetry magazine -several issues with collages.

ELECTRIC SHOCK TREATMENT/England/- Music magazine/new, indus'.../
collages next to an interview with LUSTMORD.

THE MOWER Nº2/Germany/
-"Memoria Pulp"-Alternative magazine/underground art/ -collages + masks.

UNDER THE FLAG/Belgium/ -Music magazine/new, indus’..../ -visual cover, collages + interview.

SIDELINE/Belgium/ -Music magazine/new, indus', techno’..../Interview with Collages with Seba Dolimont.

NOYADE MECANIQUE/Belgium/ -Alternative magazine/underground art and sf/horror movies
and literature/ interview with collages lien/link

SIVULLINEN/Finland/-Alternative magazine/underground art/ - several issues with collages.

MACHINERY/Finland/-Poetry book including collages of F.Duvivier and poems of J.Lehmus. lien/link

FIST Nº5/England/ -Music magazine/new, indus’..../ -several collages-

Alternative magazine / underground art / - collages + dolls + masks. lien/link

K.O.F Nº8/France/ -Music magazine/new, techno', gothic..../ - Interview + collages with Walter Scasolini

MORTICIANNUMSKULL/NETHERLANDS/ - Music magazine/hard rock, heavy, death metal.../
interview + collages with Harold Dekkers

LAST SIGH/Canada/-Music online magazine/new, indus’, techno'...../
-Interview + collages, dolls, masks with Ben Didier

GODSEND Nº19/ USA/Magazine of alternative music. Interview with Todd Zachritz,
including others interviews with Illusion of Safety, Mason Joners of Trance, Robert Rich, etc ... Indiana, USA.

Paintings, (digital) collages, sculptures, stories, reviews from Europe, USA, Australia, Japan, Outerspace ... Nº11. lien/link

La féecabossée  -poetry- flyers for a show/FRANCE/ lien/link lien/link